First blog from me!

This is me ⬆️⬆️⬆️ I am a pink haired mummy to one daughter Tilly Mae (Mouse) and 2 stepsons James and Josh.  I am now married to a fantastic man Alex. 

Let’s give u some relevant/U relevant information about me

  • I’m 33.
  • I will always have the pink hair.
  • I love tattoos and anything Japanese.
  • My memory is beyond horrific.
  • I’m addicted to food (it is a real thing) 
  • We have a chihuahua cross called tuna.

That’s a start so let’s get on with it!!!I have been putting this off for goodness knows how long, I worry that I am putting rubbish up that nobody would be interested in but I decided ‘screw it’ I’m doing it for me.  It’s like everything I aim to achieve ‘I’ll do it on monday’ 

I am lying in bed Ill with my long term stomach problems,  so now seems a perfect opportunity to reflect on what I am wanting to do start with this blog and in turn my life.

  1. Continue with the ongoing weight loss/maintenance.  
  2. Make lifestyle changes, I’m so tired of struggling with money so now the wedding is over I plan on making steps to make our lives better.
  3. Document what happens in my little life as I think this years my year!!

2016 was the most topsy turvy year  with the highest of highs and lowest of lows, so pull up a pew and join me on my journey.

Pip 💋 


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