As Frankie Valli once said ‘Oh what a night’

Last night was spent with family celebrating mum and dads 40th wedding anniversary.

Mum & dad

We had a private room at Davanti’s Classico in Tynemouth Station, which suited us just fine as our rugrats could be as douchy as they pleased allowing us to enjoy our meal without worrying about other diners! 

This mirror though 😍
Like Sia I love me a chandelier

My big sister Victoria went all out with balloons and table sparkles (obviously!!).  The atmosphere was lovely and so welcoming and the food was fantastic.  Unfortunately due resurgence of my illness I couldn’t really eat much (what I did was delicious) so at least Alex gets to share the joy that was my Carbonara for tomorrow’s lunch! 

Lovely menu with some choices that set it apart from its local competitors
Must remember to take photo before I start eating! Lovely bruschetta Classico starter

Grade A service Davantis for letting me take what I didn’t eat home and the kids their pizzas that were barely touched due to to much fun being had!

Mum making her little toast/speech to heckles from my 9 yo nephew who still can’t comprehend how mum has put up with dad so long 😂

Overall a fantastic night, 40 years of marriage should never be overlooked and always celebrated!! (Don’t worry Stripper planned for the weekend Mam 😂)
Thank you to the staff who made us feel so welcome even on such a busy night.

Pip 💋


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