Is kissing your children wrong?

Recently I have been hearing about  a controversy facing Hollywood actress Hilary Duff.  A subject that has caused length discussions over many media platforms in which she has been judged openly.  A subject that has stirred strong emotions of both anger and empathy.

What can be at the root of such feelings of disgust and strong reactions? This photograph…..

Hillary Duff kissing her OWN son on the lips at Disneyland!!! The same controversy surrounded Victoria Beckham her daughter earlier this year when she released a similar photograph.

My view on this basically consists of the statement Are you actually joking?  People have commented on her personal twitter page, where she posted said photo, that her actions were ‘warped’ and ‘inappropriate.  Has the world gone mad? How in any shape or form is the image anyway ‘inappropriate’ or ‘warped’ and some have even gone as far to say it ‘sexualises’ children.  Shame on the people who see a mother kissing their child and shows any negative feelings, it’s natural, it’s a way of showing the love that you feel inside in a physical form.  There are so many children all over the world that would kill to feel any kind of love let alone to have a parent so proud of their emotions that they want to share it with the world.

Just love.

I kiss my daughter on the lips all of the time, she comes up and kisses me on the lips and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I find it grotesque that people could even see anything sexual in this.

Mouse even kisses her dolls because she loves them, she is their mummy and my heart swells when I see it.

I still kiss my mum on the lips and I’m 33 and I will do until the day one of us is not here and we can’t anymore.  To be fair I kiss anyone I love on the lips my husband, kids, family and even friends.

Is it still ‘inappropriate’ if it is two adults or is it just the child element that causes such a reaction?

Personally I can’t see what’s wrong with a mother/child Expressing love toward each other.  If the world stopped critiquing natural love and just embraced it we would probably be in a better place.

Signing off,

Pip 💋🖤


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