‘Tis the season!

Final shift at work until after Christmas!

Happy Christmas eve everyone, that’s my shift finished and on my way home to finally start the festivities and this year I’m a busy Beaver!

Starting tonight I’m going out for a meal with the hubby, daughter and some of my great friends, maybe even a glass of wine or two then back home to wait for Santa! Tilly’s just turned 3 on Halloween and bless her, she’s very unsure of mr Claus! She has made me promise that santas not coming into our house while she’s sleeping so the request has been put in for a magic drop off!! 

Tomorrow am so excited to spend my first Christmas as a Mrs with my family (it should be nice and noisy!) at my sisters new house and I can’t wait!! Fun, games, food and drinks with my family and should be a great one! 

Boxing Day is Christmas part 2 as I get to spend the day with my family flecks (hopefully my niece Lucy is feeling better by then as the poor bean has flu!) and my stepsons are coming down for the week so that should be fun.

Have a brilliant Christmas everyone and thank you all for your support with my blog.  Hope Santa is kind. 

Signing off,

Pip 💋🖤


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