Sleek box used for eyes, lips, highlight and contour.

For Christmas I recieved the Sleek Makeup box of tricks ultimate makeup haul.  It was an amazing bargain from Boots at £25 down from £45 on special offer.

Inside the box contains 

  • Vintage Romance I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette (£8.99)
  • Face Contour Kit In Medium (£6.99)
  • Lip Vip Lipstick In Guestlist (£5.49)
  • Twist Up Midnight (£2.99)
  • Eyebrow Stylist In Medium (£6.49)
  • Solstice Highlighting Palette (£9.99)
  • Matte Me In Shabby Chic (£4.99)
  • Full Fat Lash Mascara (£6.99)
  • Blush By 3 In Lace (£5.99) 

That’s £58.91 worth of products for £25!! Which is a fantastic saving.  I’m not sure I would buy every product individually but as a ‘newbie’to this brand I like the broad spectrum of products included. 

Firstly I am going to start by telling you what I just wont use. 

1. The eyebrow pencil, just won’t happen! I have no eyebrows at all so I have to sculpt in eyebrows everyday and trust me it’s a very precise bit of trickery that has taken me years to perfect and I’m so picky about the products that work for me.

2. The lipstick in the box was red, I cannot wear red with pink hair, it’s too clashy for my liking but my sister loves a red lipstick and the shade looks nice and cool toned so i will give her that and I’ll get back about that one!

3. The mascara, I gave it a try and it just didn’t cut the mustard for me.  I wear glasses so can’t wear false lashes but I love the false lash look and this mascara just didn’t give the look I like.  This is just a personal choice but I will keep it in my bag incase my prefered roller lash runs out.

I am very choosy about eyeshadow as I find it difficult to get an eyeshadow that lasts on my kid without fading or creasing (even with primer) this palette really surprised me, the colours are perfect for me all the pinks and purples go well with my hair and they were buttery and easily blendable.  The pigmentation was also really surprising, the pans are small but for the price it’s understandable.

Blush in Lace

I’m pale with pink hair so the thought of coral/orange toned blush horrified me but when I used it during my product trial I though it looked nice, quite subtle and not over pigmented, just enough to make me look a little less of a corpse.

Contour pallet in medium with a highlighter included.

Anyone who knows me knows that contouring and highlighter are my ‘craze’ make up favourites, this contour set is crazy pigmented, as I found out today! I went up a little heavy handed and ended up looking like I had a fight with a jar of marmite but all was not lost, I knocked it back with a bit of translucent powder and I was ready to rock and roll! 

The black twist up eyeliner is amazing and creamy and goes into the waterline so pigmented it’s a thing of wonder.

Such a pretty shade of a nude pink.

I’m not a fan of matte lippies but the colour of this one is pretty enough to put up with the dryness (all mattes make my lips feel like the Sahara!) it’s a pinky nude and it stayed on amazingly, impressed.

Highlighter = WOW!!!!

STOP THE PRESS…..I have heard good reviews of the included highlighter palette and no word of. a Lie it’s spectacular , one of the best highlighters I have ever used, it’s was so bright I almost blinded my husband.  It’s truly a thing of beauty a hidden gem that I cannot recommend enough.

So overall I was happy with the selection included and the price was very reasonable.  My makeup bag is smitten.  It’s fantastic to find high end products with such a bargain price tag!

Signing off with love and lipstick,

Pip 💋🖤


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