A day on the life of a very tired human! (Me!)

  1. Get up to Tilly screaming for the iPad, normally about 7am.
  2. Give Tilly said iPad so she can watch Netflix/YouTube in bed so I have roughly 20 minutes to sit in bed and wake myself up! 
  3. Go downstairs make a cuppa and some toast.  Tilly will have shreddies/milk/crisps/chocolate depending on her mood and how tired I am.  I’m not even going to lie, there’s some mornings where a cup of tea in peace is way more important than a 3 year old eating a fudge for breakfast #SORRYNOTSORRY. 
  4. Catch up on some tv while mouse is busy playing/watching some douchey Kid opening surprise eggs on YouTube. 
  5. Get changed.  God forbid I need a shower, a lone shower what’s that?  Doesn’t everyone have a tiny human that lurks near the taps harassing you at  ever move?
  6. By this time daddy’s normally up and having breakfast and coffee in relative peace, apparently I’m much more fun to stalk. 
  7. Rush to get Tills sorted for little school amid screams of ‘I don’t want to go / I hate it/ I hate you/I’m not wearing a coat/ I don’t need socks etc.
  8. Get to little school after gentle persuasion and subliminal positive reinforcement on my part.  She normally clings around my legs but is always tempted away with the promise of stickers. 
  9. Get home, do the dishes/washing/drying/cleaning/prepare tea and general repair work from hurricane daughter.
  10. Pick said hurricane up by this point she’s having a nervous breakdown bacause she doesn’t want to leave.
  11. Get home eat tea, bath Tilly, sit and chill before bedtime.
  12. Daddy leaves for work.
  13. Put mouse to bed, go through the routine.  Switch the light on, tuck in, hug, kiss, hug, kiss, reassure her any one of her irrational thoughts are all taken care of and not to worry.
  14. Get to bed as quickly as is humanly possible, watch some Netflix (currently Tv show ‘the killing’)
  15. Go to sleep.  Prepare to do it all in 6-8 hours time!

Ahhhh the sweet joys! I love a good routine to be fair.  Well that’s pretty much an average day in my life, very little changes.  Hell im so rock n roll!!
Signing off with love and lipstick,

Pip 💋🖤


3 thoughts on “A day on the life of a very tired human! (Me!)

    1. She totally views us in different ways, in the general dogsbody and he’s just dad. Don’t get me wrong he does a lot but on a day to day basis and especially around the house stuff but there’s only one mammy xxx

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