Girly stuff, Pressed glitter pallette review.

Those who know me know I am a makeup obsessive.  I live, breathe and think about painting my face at least 80% of my day.  I even go as far to admit that I shop online on my favourite makeup boutiques with no money therefore no intention of finishing the sale but the thrill is enough.  So when I was contacted by makeup artist Alysia Todd about testing out one of her pressed glitter eyeshadow palettes I jumped at the chance.

The palette has 15 individual pans and the colours are fully customisable.  The texture of the glitter pans at first touch feel almost like a gel Allowing the pickup of the product to be quite easy.


To fully try it out I decided to do a dramatic eye look and I used the champagne colour glitter.  I have never used a Pressed glitter palette before so I wasn’t sure how to apply the glitter It was a case of trial and error, I used my finger to pat it onto my lid then going in with a thin brush to neaten the edges.

Completed champagne glitter eyeshadow look.
How it looks with eyes closed.

It is so hard to capture just how much I glittered, it was magical I felt glamorous and as a magpie I love anything sparkly.  I applied my makeup at 1pm (using primer and setting spray) and it looked exactly the same when I came to remove it at 9pm.  Can’t really ask more than that. A must for anyone who loves makeup.I don’t go out a lot these days but I will save this for those occasions.  I cannot wait to play around with more colours.

Pressed glitter palettes are available to order through Alysia Todds makeup page on Facebook (see link below).

The palette price is £15 which works out at £1 per pan which is rediculously inexpensive for a handmade makeup product. The pallette is also cruelty free and made with natural Aloe Vera.  Alysia also makes the glitter eye shadows in individual pots at a great price of 4 for £10.
I cannot recommend buying from this lovely lady.  Her love of makeup and attitude is second to none.

Signing off with love and lipstick,

Pip 💋🖤💄


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