Hello lovely people, long time no blog.  I feel I have been so unmotivated as of late and I’m not the kind of blogger who fills there blog with pointless content for the craic, it’s not me. So here I am with a little evening ramble as sleep is eluding me.

I complain to myself when mouse wakes me Up at the crack of dawn every morning because when she’s awake, she’s AWAKE, I mean full-let’s put on a full musical production-awake and the day starts.  I wish I could take a mousepill in the morning that helped me tap into the boundless energy source that appears to have depleted somewhere between 21-34.

Always a pretty good sleeper I now get woken maybe once a night by Tilly so she can go to the toilet but it seems it is this ungodly hour (currently 2.21am) in which my vessel decides 

‘What’s that bae u want to go back to sleep? hang on I have a better idea why don’t we lay here totally unable to get comfortable and play a game of too hot too cold’

I end up being awake for a couple of hours.  Don’t worry I spend said fine very wisely with tasks such as updating my Pinterest boards or liking photographs of the worlds most delicious looking food on Instagram.  Today I thought I woyld spend the time blogging on the hopes that it’s some kind if release that leads to sleeptime part 2 (the remix).  

My husband sleeps so soundly beside me and I’m so jealous as I know that my day is so much closer than I want it to be and it’s a super busy one with school drop offs, pickups and a spot of painting and decorating in the middle.

The light at the end of the tunnel comes next week when I finally get to go on honeymoon.  Me and hubs are going for a 4 day rest session at centreparcs while my family kindly take charge of the dog and daughter.  4 days no children, which especially after the hectic school Easter holiday with all 3 kids is much earned.  I plan on eating, sleeping and reading.  I’m so happy I can’t remember the last time I spent fun time alone with Alex, actually I can we had one evening away in September 2014!!!!

When I get back I am starting a new chapter of my life.  I am getting motivated, fit and healthy after a recent weight gain that has creeped up on me since the wedding in November.  I have Been left hating the girl who stands in front of me in the mirror, I wear my skin so uncomfortably so I’m looking to change it.  I plan on blogging my journey for added motivation and help from you beautiful readers.

I appreciate each and every one of you and let’s see how much of this I can remember and how much makes sense in the cold light of the morning.

Signing of with love and lipstick,

Pip 💋🖤💄


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