Honeymoon was life!

Honeymoon was life!

I am back from my honeymoon and feeling so renewed and refreshed. When we got married we asked for no gifts but if people wanted to bestow us with something a donation to our honeymoon fund would be appreciated (with 3 kids between us we would never have had the spare money).  Our guests were lovely and generous so we booked a fabulous 5 day, CHILD FREE break away to centreparcs, Whinfell Forest, Cumbria.  

It was lush spending some time alone with my husband especially to have the chance to go away! So with Tilly packed off to spend the week with her two aunties and plethora of cousins and tuna dog off for her own holiday with grandma and Alfie dog we were good to go.

We rode along on the motorbike which was so much fun but my back nearly died carrying the worlds biggest, heaviest backpack known to mankind (my makeup was defiantly not ALL the weight, but with the war paint I need it was a fair majority) .

I had to take a photo to include where we parked 😂

We stayed in 5 Lakeside Apartments. It’s was a luxury lakeside (bet you didn’t guess that one) studio apartment.  It was top notch so clean and Spacious that I could live there (if we didn’t have kids that is!). 

View from our seating area.
I could have tidied before I took a photo!!

Our days were filled with food, drink and having fun.

Husband handed my ass to me! I can’t bowl for shit!

During all of the fun I descovered that I am terrible at bowling and pool, however it also turns out my skills at pool (bowling not so much) greatly improve when I have a couple (or more) drinks.
Pool shark 🎱

Food was high, maybe even top of my agenda.  Other than my husband food is my soulmate.  If anyone is as interested in photographs of people’s food as much as I am you might enjoy a few of my photos.

Mango mojito 10/10 yum
Garlic mushrooms from cafe Rouge 9/10
Giant cream eclair
Chicken and sweetcorn omelette with garlic butter. 4/10 total disappointment, knew I should have gone for a waffle
Double cheeseburger from hucks 6/10 good burger just not epic

The wether was glorious the whole week, I’m not outdoorsy in the slightest, I don’t do outdoor activities and the thought of it actually fills me with dread, so some would say it’s lost on me but I was there for some R&R and that’s just what I got.  Went swimming twice which with the body issues I have is rather impressive, I took my glasses off to go in (I’m totally blind without them) so I couldn’t see any ones reaction (even though nobody was probably even looking!!) but in my world I was a brave girl!!

My Lord I’m so cool 😎
We were like kids again in the arcades, 10p machines are my rush…….I dream big lol, husband on the other hand liked the motorbike game #shocker! 

I NEED this KAWAII hello kitty air hockey table in my LIFE 😍😍
You can take the boy off the bike but you can never take the child out of the man.

I did however miss my little Mouse, we have barely been apart since the day she was born and we were surrounded by family’s It got progressively Worse as the time went on so  I made it my mission to win her a smurf on the grabby machine.  I was convinced they were rigged until we saw kids with some so it was GAME ON! At one point I was right on the brink and I could see a dad and his kid hovering to try and get on but hell no losers, back up smurfette was mine *insert villain laugh here.

No grabber can beat me!!

We had a fantastic time and we laughed so much, I defiantly married someone who can make me smile.

Greatest photobomb of all time!
Already looking forward to going back.

Signing off with love and lipstick,

Pip 💋🖤💄


Girly stuff, Pressed glitter pallette review.

Those who know me know I am a makeup obsessive.  I live, breathe and think about painting my face at least 80% of my day.  I even go as far to admit that I shop online on my favourite makeup boutiques with no money therefore no intention of finishing the sale but the thrill is enough.  So when I was contacted by makeup artist Alysia Todd about testing out one of her pressed glitter eyeshadow palettes I jumped at the chance.

The palette has 15 individual pans and the colours are fully customisable.  The texture of the glitter pans at first touch feel almost like a gel Allowing the pickup of the product to be quite easy.


To fully try it out I decided to do a dramatic eye look and I used the champagne colour glitter.  I have never used a Pressed glitter palette before so I wasn’t sure how to apply the glitter It was a case of trial and error, I used my finger to pat it onto my lid then going in with a thin brush to neaten the edges.

Completed champagne glitter eyeshadow look.
How it looks with eyes closed.

It is so hard to capture just how much I glittered, it was magical I felt glamorous and as a magpie I love anything sparkly.  I applied my makeup at 1pm (using primer and setting spray) and it looked exactly the same when I came to remove it at 9pm.  Can’t really ask more than that. A must for anyone who loves makeup.I don’t go out a lot these days but I will save this for those occasions.  I cannot wait to play around with more colours.

Pressed glitter palettes are available to order through Alysia Todds makeup page on Facebook (see link below).


The palette price is £15 which works out at £1 per pan which is rediculously inexpensive for a handmade makeup product. The pallette is also cruelty free and made with natural Aloe Vera.  Alysia also makes the glitter eye shadows in individual pots at a great price of 4 for £10.
I cannot recommend buying from this lovely lady.  Her love of makeup and attitude is second to none.

Signing off with love and lipstick,

Pip 💋🖤💄

The 10 musical soundtracks to my life so far.

Music has always played a massive part of my life, i have worked in a music shop for over 10 years so it has acted as a soundtrack for some of my most impact I’ve moments.  Here’s 10 of the songs that are important to me.

  1. Lorde- Royals, this was the number one song in the charts when my daughter Tilly Mae was born.  It was played everywhere at the time and will always remind me of that moment of my life.
  2. Hozier – Take me to church.  This was the song I walked down the aisle to on my wedding day.  The words are so impactive to me, it still makes me emotional when I hear it.
  3. Daddy Yankee – Gasolina.  This reggaton hit never fails to make me smile and dance. It makes me think of amazing times of drinking rum (run Thursday) with my friend JBaz. We always have the most fun when we hang out.
  4. Lady Gaga – poker face.  This song along with the whole ‘monster’ album reminds me of going to Japan.  I was so shocked that she was unknown when I went to Tokyo and while I was there here career really took off and all of the clubs played it.
  5. Prince – Purple Rain.  This isn’t particularly my favourite Prince song (I’m a huge fan) but it was the song that first introduced me to the little purple one.  It’s also Tilly’s favourite, it warms my heart everytime she hears the first cord of the guitar and her little face lights up.  It was a pivotal moment to see him play this when I saw him live at the 02 arena in London.
  6. The Contours – Do you love me.  I love every song from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack but this one was also mine and my husbands first dance on our big day.  We even had a little dance routine, which of you know my husband was a massive fear overcome.
  7. John Legend -Refuge.  This reminds me of a really hard time in my life and it the words were so important to me when I really needed to be strong.
  8. Coyote Shivers – Sugarhigh.  From one of my favourite ever movies Empire Records,  like one of the plot lines I always wanted to be a singer but never had the guts to stand up and sing In front of people, after a conversation with a friend a few days ago it looks like this is closer to a reality than I thought.
  9. Paul Simon- father and daughter.  This songs lyrics always make me think of my relationship with my dad.  I am and always have been a daddy’s girl, tears me up every time.  
  10. Mary Mary – Shackles (Praise you).  This song takes me back to a time in life when I lived in my first own home. The specific memory it’s tied to is of me walking home from my job at HMV silverlink and the weather was warm and I never wanted it to end.  I always go back there when I hear it.

I love that music pin points us to such feelings and emotions, that take us to the best and worst moments of life .  Life for me wouldn’t be the same without music it was harder to choose the music to go in our wedding than it was choosing my dress.

These songs are not songs that I listen to all the time nor are they all songs I would particularly listen to if I was stranded on a desert island but they are 10 that mean something to me personally, they have become part of the fabric of my life timeline.
Do you have songs that have changed your life or stir up certain memories? I would love to hear about them.

Signing off with love and lipstick,

Pip 💋🖤💄

What a drag! (Hurricane Bianca ruview)

What a drag! (Hurricane Bianca ruview)

Bianca Del Rio

Anyone who knows me knows of my love of drag! Rupauls drag race opened my eyes to a world where men wore even more makeup than me (which is hard enough) and it’s applied with ninja like precision (I couldn’t be more jealous).

I have just watched the Netflix exclusive movie ‘Hurricane Bianca’ staring one of the funniest, most successful of drag race alumini of all time, Bianca Del Rio (Roy Haylock).  I was lucky enough to see BDR last may in Newcastle with my fellow drag loving friend Lauren and she was every bit the character you see on TV. 

The basic plot of ‘hurricane Bianca’ consists of Bianca playing the role of teacher Mr Martinez who moves to Texas as part of a teaching programme.  The school find out he’s gay and fire him.  Clutching his pearls and a wig that can make your eyes water he comes back witty, cutting and fully sinched in a way only Bianca Del Rio can and can we stop for a second to admire those costumes/outfits (sweet sequinned baby Jesus!).   It’s crammed tighter than a drag tuck with featuring roles from fellow drag race stars Shangela, Willam (personal favourite!!), the tongue popping Alyssa Edwards and a cheeky weather man cameo from momma Ru herself it’s a welcome change from the drag queen format we are used to seeing.

Overall the movie was an easy watch, teaching life lessons and tales of morality along the way.  If you have a penchant for the fabulous and 1 hour 24mins spare give it a go.  You might even get some makeup tips while you are at it.

Signing off, with love and lipstick 

Pip 💋🖤