Born in the 80s.  Retro toy memories.

Born in the 80s.  Retro toy memories.

Everyone thinks their childhood memories were better than everyone else’s but I think back on that time with such fondness.  This compilation of fun was from From a time before iPads and phones consumed your every waking hour, before television and social media upped the threat of ‘bad people’ to the point you stopped allowing your kids to go out and play by themselves. I have put together just some of the things I remember from growing up in the 80s and 90s. So let’s go…..

1. Spokey Dokes

You were the coolest kid in the street if your bike wheels were adorned with these little plastic beauties. The sound they made as the bike was going along is something that will be etched into my mind forever! 

2. Kellogg’s cereal reflectors

These were the only thing that could up your spokey dokes street cred, the combo of the two launched you into legendary status.  I miss the good old days of being the first to the breakfast table, fighting your siblings to dive into the box to retrieve the plastic goodies at the bottom.

3. Perfection

I swear this game is why I’m so twitchy and easily shocked.  The pressure of filling all the gaps with the correct shapes before the timer was up and it flung all the peices out.  It was almost too much for my nerves.  This also applies for all pop up, snap down games of unpredictability so no child of mine will be getting one!

  4. Fashion wheel

I never personally owned one of these but I had a friend who did and I was constantly at her house and on at her to let me have a shot.  I totally loved it and fancied myself as a fashion designer.  

5. Oh Penny!

This was the greatest toys I owned.  I had the mansion (with working garage and blue convertible car), the treehouse, the barn (which had the most amazing horse and carriage), the fountain and pathways which connected all of the play sets.  I also had the shopping centre.  It was the best toyset for imaginary play.  Each set came with a massive amount of furniture and accessories for added fun.  I wish I knew what had happened to it.

6. Keypers

These magical plastic creatures came with a key that opened up the shell/wings revealing a secret little hiding spot for all your precious things.  Both me and my big sister had these in different forms.  I had the white swan and the pink snail.  The smell of them was the stuff of dreams….mmm new plastic.

7. Polly Pocket

No childhood memory would be complete without this toy.  The original Polly Pocket was a huge thing when I was younger, back when they were tiny and came in all different colours and landscapes.  I had so many of these playsets including the Polly Pocket pencil case which came with a play scene in the lid, I used to take it to school for a cheeky play the teachers weren’t looking.  These are now massively popular and super expensive to buy on the second hand market with sets going into the hundreds of pounds.

8. Trolls

Before the dolls were reinvented into the cute dolls we now see in the movie Troll dolls were ugly little things.  They were also popular in the tiny pencil topper form.  Hours of hair styling fun.

9. Mr Chimneypot

The little Chimneypot soot family were the toy many kids got when they didn’t get the big yellow teapot crew.  I remember when I played with this at my big grandmas house, we didn’t have many toys there so this got played with a lot.  The Chimneypot itself had a face and a yellow squeaky nose.  I was lucky enough to have this AND the teapot because my grandmas house was too cool.

10. Homemade rose purfume.

Not particularly a toy but a very important childhood memory. I think this was mainly a girly pastime but I spent hours collecting rose petals and squashing them into water to make perfume.  In retrospect it was actually totally rank and it never looked pretty like the picture above.  My vessel of choice was a seaside bucket and even though greenflies were regularly an addition, I always thought it was the greatest thing ever I made.  Hours of summertime fun were had making this.  

11. Sweet Secrets

The dolls foldable appendages went into the body and then your sweet secret could be worn as jewellery. That’s MAGIC.

12. Popple

Rattle tailed Popples were the perfect toys for me and my sisters as we could play mummy when being nice and then ball them up and throw them at each other when we were annoying one another.

Like trolls, many of my childhood toys have now been reinvented for today’s kids such as Mr Frosty, Care Bears and My little ponys but I think our childhood without all time consuming toys such as iPads and gaming consoles made for hours of entertainment by yourself and with friends.  

What toys did you have? I hope this brings back memories of your childhood.

Signing off with love and lipstick,

Pip 💋🖤